Alana J Design is all about handmade, vintage-style, tradition British crafts, with practical uses, tinkered with and adapted to suit modern day homes. V pillowcases, cushions and bunting in an array of patterned fabrics, to add character to your home and brighten your day!

The inspiration for my business started with a V shaped pillowcase. All I could find on the marketplace were plain V pillowcases, so I decided to change that and designed my own, with various gorgeous, patterned fabrics! We also offer a selection of handcrafted items for your home and for yourself or as gifts for others. I have aimed to design gifts which are not only beautiful to look at, but with a practical use. All items have been tried and tested by my lovely customers and each one has slight variations and so, is unique.

I have developed the design of my V pillowcases and can now also offer them with the envelope fitting at the back, rather than at the end of one leg - this makes it a lot easier to fit onto the pillow, especially if you suffer with arthritis or other similar illness that can made this kind of procedure quite difficult. This design is currently available in the light blue gingham V pillowcase.

Eastfit blue gingham V pillowcase

Every item sold will be sent with a sachet of lavender (unless the item already contains lavender!) grown on the Ickleford Lavender Farm, only 3 miles from my home and so lovely and fresh!

My gallery contains photos of a collection of pieces I have previously made and sold; I like to make just a small number of some pieces, so keep checking regularly - its nice to know that you own one of a very limited, handmade edition!

Kindest regards to all my customers, your encouragement and support has been overwhelming!