Welcome To Alana J Design

two patchwork oilcloth cushions on bench

 Alana J Design is all about handmade, country style, traditional British crafts, with practical uses, tinkered with and adapted to suit modern day homes, but still connecting back to our past. We hand make V pillowcases and patchwork cushions in an array of vintage and retro style, patterned fabrics, to add character to your home and brighten your day.  If you are looking for a unique and quirky home, somewhere that speaks of your personality, we hope you will find something here that will appeal.  Most items are one-offs and you are unlikely to walk into someone else's home and see the same handmade, individual cushion or hand knitted teacosy.

We currently have a range of several V pillowcases in different, patterned fabrics (including fleece) and are constantly adding new designs to this range -  this includes an easy fit V pillowcase and we can also supply the V pillow pads in the correct size.

I sew from home, in our Victorian cottage in Bedfordshire in the UK and mainly use vintage machines including a Singer and a Bernina.

  cerise filigree lace V pillowcase 001 (118) quilted bed runner 1 floral small fabric basket

Making V pillowcases in patterned fabrics is how it all started and we have since added to our range with our patchwork cushions, bed runners, fabrics storage baskets and handmade bags, inspired by vintage and retro styles, each one a unique item.

  blue embroidered bag


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